HUB 5 Otanewainuku/Otawa

Mana whenua (or Iwi/Hapū)

Tapuika, Ngai Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Rangiwewehi, Nga Potiki

Special natural values (geology and ecology including flora/fauna)

Mount Otanewainuku is a 640m rhyolite dome rising above the north eastern side of the Mamaku plateau. Virgin unlogged rimu, tawa, kohekohe & kamahi forest. The Otawa Scenic Reserve is now designated as a sanctuary.This corridor of forest lying between Mangatoi Rd in the south and Ōtawa in the north includes the Ōtānewainuku Ecological Area, home to growing kiwi and kōkako populations amid podocarps and mixed broadleaf forest, and the Ōtawa Sanctuary which is home to a genetically distinct and highly threatened Hochstetter’s frog.

What’s happening already?

There are intensive ground control operations covering approximately 1,600 hectares in this area, undertaken by the Ōtānewainuku Kiwi Trust and Te Whakakaha Trust. New funding from BOPRC/DOC/WRC (link report) will increase the bait station ground control network to link the Ōtānewainuku Kiwi Trust and Te Whakakaha Sanctuary control areas. Initially the focus will be on establishing 150 hectares of network in the north of the Otanewainuku Conservation Area. This will complement and adjoin the current Ōtānewainuku Kiwi Trust operation. In Year 2 to Year 5 of the programme, the focus will move to increase the protected area adjacent to the existing control areas to eventually link them as one protected contiguous area. The new funding from BOPRC/DOC/WRC will also be used for increased goat control in this area over 2022-2025.
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