Mana whenua (or Iwi/Hapū)

Tura Ngāti Te Ngakau, Ngāti Kea, Ngāti Tuara, Raukawa Iwi

Special natural values (geology and ecology including flora/fauna)

Largest stock of extensive native forest that once covered the southern Mamaku plateau at an altitude of 600m. Podocarps, including rimu, miro and matai are plentiful emerging through the tawa canopy. The understory is composed of tree ferns and canopy/podocarp seedlings.Mokaihaha is home to a significant population of kokako.

What’s happening already?

Every year the Mokaihaha Kōkako Trust carries out ground control of pests through a bait station network over 850 ha. This is complemented every third year by the Department of Conservation delivering an aerial 1080 operation to control pests over the entire 2,000 ha designated ecological area. In addition, there is occasional goat control.
Northern Kaimai
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Otanewainuku /
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