Restoration Hubs

The scale is mighty:

over 200,000 hectares. More than 3,800km of streams and rivers flow to the Waihou basin and Tauranga Harbour from the highlands. A great many communities are intersected and supported by the forest and it’s catchments, and it is within these communities the desire to protect and restore the mauri of the forest finds its power.

The Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park is crown owned, with the government required to work in partnership with iwi recognising their special relationship as mana whenua under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Great work is already being done by committed people, focused on pest control within small pockets of precious habitat. But it’s not enough. A mere 6% of the project’s area has such volunteer-based care.

The restoration hubs reflect the natural maori relationships, communities and catchments across the Kaimai Mamaku. Local input will inform and support the restoration process in each hub area, given the challenges of topography and diversity of habitat. This includes the selection and deployment of the pest management tools that are most fit for purpose.

Northern Kaimai
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Otanewainuku /
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