About us

We are guardians, kaitiaki from all parts of the community. We have different backgrounds and perspectives but a shared vision for a revitalised forest and ranges.

The Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Forum (previously known as Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum) was established in 2010 to represent the collective voice of multiple kaitiaki connected to and concerned about the health of the Kaimai Mamaku forest. 

The Forum has set itself the task of convening people to discuss and advocate for high-level and joined-up options for restoration of the forest and associated catchments. This is articulated through a Vision, Objectives and a list of Projects in the 2017-2022 Operational Plan.

Our Projects

Our kaupapa and vision is simple: “the Kaimai Mamaku thrive; hence we thrive”. To accomplish this, there are three strategic project areas; Water, Biodiversity and People.  Each has its own primary objectives:


  1. The mauri (life supporting qualities) of the rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater (puna) is protected throughout the catchment.
  2. Our water bodies are enhanced and protected from contaminants.
  3. Water allocation is managed sustainably for in stream and out of stream values.
  4. Significant flood impact is minimised.


  1. The health of the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park is restored – bring back the birds.
  2. The indigenous biodiversity beyond the park is enhanced.


  1. People understand and appreciate the multiple values of the Kaimai Mamaku catchments.
  2. The Waihou and Tauranga Harbour catchments are sustainably managed to contribute to the environmental, cultural, economic and social wellbeing of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty communities.
  3. People understand and practice sustainable land and water management (including biodiversity).
  4. The Forum is recognised as the key voice for Kaimai Mamaku communities and is effectively engaged in planning and funding opportunities relating to the project area.

Our Trustees

Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Trust is a registered charitable trust. 

The trustees are supported in decision making and governance processes by the Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Steering Group. Our current trustees are:

  • Councillor Norm Brunning – Chair MKM Trust Board
  • Carlton Bidois – Co-Chair MKM Forum Steering Group (FSG) Representative
  • Norm Barker – Co-Chair MKM FSG Representative
  • Mawera Karetai – MKM FSG Iwi/Hapu members Representative
  • Julian Fitter – MKM FSG Tauiwi members Representative

Our patron is Rob McGowan, Pa Ropata. In 2020, Rob was awarded the Queens Service Medal (QSM) for Services to Māori and Conservation. Rob’s foundation knowledge of rongoā comes from kaumātua on the Whanganui River, and he has a keen interest in helping Maori keep the matauranga that belongs on their land alive.

Our Partners

There is a very important collaboration between the forum and three key partners: DOC, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Waikato Regional Council. Called the Joint Agency Committee, these members are committed to supporting the vision and enabling the work of Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku and its communities.

The Department of Conservation is the statutory manager responsible for administration and management of the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park. Regional Councils also have responsibilities for biodiversity monitoring and management under the Resource Management and Biosecurity Acts.

Our Supporters

We are grateful to a huge range of local organisations, societies, businesses and groups for their support. They share our goals of a restored, sustainable forest and ranges and in many cases are already doing their own mahi to make it a reality.We would like to acknowledge the financial contribution of these key supporters:
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